Another Election! Maybe you can try thinking before you vote!

ballot-box-graphicAs we prepare for yet another election, all we are hearing from the pollies is money, economy, jobs …. its the only tune they know.  And while they have you concentrating on that chestnut, you’re safely distracted from a few other more important issues …. like health, education, environment, social equality, racism, law and order etc etc …. all those things they don’t have a clue about.  So let me ask you this.  If the economy is the sacred cow that our idiot society believes it to be, how come you aren’t all deliriously happy?  You have more wealth, more assets, more rec time and more labour saving gizmos than any previous generation could dream of.  And the current problems that the pollies aren’t mentioning in this election campaign? Tackling current social epidemics like depression, anxiety, obesity, alcoholism and suicide.  If you cast your vote based on nothing but a heap of empty promises about money, you deserve the tragic, shallow, aimless society that we are becoming.  So think before you vote and ask what world you want for your kids and your grandies.  Your vote matters more than you know.

Andrew Caddle 2014-03-12


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