Another nail in the coffin of individual rights

Another nail in the coffin of individual rights

Came accross a fascinating article in ‘The Age’ newspaper, talking about how new legsilation requiring ‘plain packaging’ of tobacco products has resulted in an increase in the number of phone calls to ‘Quitline”.

In the light of that success, I commented, suggesting that they should now extend the campaign to include more serious ‘evils’ ….. plain packaging on alcohol containers, with a graphic photo of a road accident / steet violence / domestic abuse / murder victim on every bottle, can and cask.

Also suggested that those nasty fast food outlets should have to use plain packaging too …. with a graphic photo of a morbidly obese person on every food container.

My comment hasn’t been published yet!

Seems to me though ….. If we didn’t protect the rights of one group in society, its only a matter of time before the zealots come after another and then another.  The selection of a ’cause’ seems to be pretty random.  Maybe next, it will be something that YOU like to do! Imagine a world where nobody is allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, indulge in sex except for (officially approved) procreation, eat fast food, drive a private motor vehicle that exceeds some randomly allocated power rating … or wear anything blue!   Yeah, that’s a good one.  Let’s cure society of the blues!

Personally, I think we really could improve society and protect people’s rights ….. by starting a campaign to stamp out crusaders.  We ignore them at our peril.

The stakes are way higher than people seem to realise.  Smoking and drinking and driving fast cars (and wearing blue!) aren’t the major issue here.  The real issue is YOUR RIGHT to choose.  The real issue is your personal freedom.  And every arsehole who is engaged in some moral crusade to take away your rights is doing so, believing he or she is making a better world.  A better world where every last thing that we do, say or be … is pre-approved by some legislated authority …. wearing white robes and a halo!

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