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Stained Glass I don’t think its at all fair, when I hear people say that Australians aren’t religious.

Lots of Aussies I know would be amongst the most devout souls you’d find anywhere on the planet. In fact, many are so devout that they follow more than just one religion. Some folks I know are Materialists, Racists, and Nominal Christians, all at the same time (and in about that order).

Just because Materialism and Racism aren’t currently recognised as the universal religions that they are, doesn’t make them any less so. And like every other religion, they require a deep seated faith; the ability to maintain a steadfast belief …….. in the face of contradictory evidence, no evidence at all or based on pure desire and hope ….. and the ability to believe that you believe the opposite to what your logical mind would have you believe!

Its faith that allows the materialist to sincerely believe that he doesn’t have enough …. when he has far more than ¾ of the world’s population; that allows him to believe that he should have more, when the earth is already ravaged and bleeding at having provided what he has already. Its faith that allows the racist to believe that he has a greater entitlement to the world’s resources … to security and peace and prosperity, than does a brother or sister who has a different skin, speaks in a different tongue or holds a different view.

The first step on the road to faith is the place where logic and reason are sacrificed on the alter of hope and desire. When logic and reason are silenced, every desire seems possible; every belief reasonable, every prejudice honourable.

Faith is something that no rational being can afford to entertain ….. and no fool can afford to be without.

Faith is that which holds that evil acts are justified by noble causes …… and that noble causes are whatever I deem noble. Faith is the great liberator ….. it can keep you safe from reality for almost an entire lifetime.

I suspect though, that there is a little moment at the end, where logic and reason arise …. and where faith abandons the mind to reality ….. where you see yourself for who you really are. That surely would be the loneliest of deaths, no matter how many folks are there to hold your hand.

I’m so glad I’m not religious.

Andrew Caddle 2014-02-24



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