The Brave New World; But Not For You And Me?

We are possibly standing at the dawn of a new age for humanity; an age that will see elite humans from the top of the food chain, living indefinitely and supported by a labour force of machines.  Unfortunately, most of us won’t be sharing this Utopia and most of our descendents won’t get to exist after all.  We aren’t needed by such a society.

I’d almost be excited by this prospect, if I thought that those humans who do get to survive will be the brightest and the best of us.  The reality is, they will be the greediest and most ruthless of us instead.  You don’t have to be clever to be rich and there are plenty of geniuses sleeping in alleys, under newspapers.

It will be wealth, not talent that qualifies future people for the right to exist.  And with wealth and assets being concentrated amongst a tiny portion of society, the only way to get your hands on a significant slice of the pie, will be to inherit it.

I somehow doubt that those elite humans will reign for long.  Obviously, the A.I. of the robots will overtake the intelligence of the humans, sooner or later.  And the humans won’t have much of a purpose in robot society.  And I thought “Battlestar Galactica” was just sci-fi!

For those ordinary humans who don’t like the sound of being deleted from the gene pool, the time for revolution would be now!

Andrew Caddle 2014-06-24


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