Climate Change – Caused by humans (scientists venting gas!)

“THE world’s top climate scientists have increased their level of confidence that humans are changing the climate.” (“The Australian”, 28/9/13)

And the IPCC (International Panel On Climate Change) apparently make this claim based on research that was done voluntarily by scientists from all over the world!  I reckon the research and the report are probably worth every cent too.

And my Mother’s Brother’s Uncle’s Cousin reckons its a load of crap.  Equally credible, by any standard … considering that the world’s climate has been changing since its beginnings and will continue doing so,.

The current climate change debate is just the latest crisis icon to be cashed in on, by scientists, politicians and the media.  They will destroy your world much more surely than will climate change!

The scientists get their little moment of feeling relevent and the politicians get a whole raft of justifications for producing more and more legislation to control our lives.  It even generates more employment.  We’ll need more public servants to implement and enforce the new legislation.  Its just good news for so many!

I’m not saying that the climate isn’t changing.  But the history of climate change in the past 50,000 years makes the predicted changes look pretty pale.  Rising sea levels?  Well, we are told that mankind originally walked to Tasmania, as recently as that .  It’d be a long swim today!  So sea levels must have risen hundreds of feet and yet man survived (without our technology) and the planet is still here.

We do love a crisis though ,,,,,, and a bit of excitement and impending doom ,,,,,,.  And it gives the media something to report.

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