Disposable Grocery Bags (And Other Diabolical Plots Against Humanity)

Shopping bags … that’s what’s on my mind!    From today, Tassie supermarkets aren’t giving out those disposable, plastic shopping bags.  We have to supply our own.  I’m sure this is probably old news to people in other parts of the world.   The latest insanities usually take awhile to catch on down here.  This ‘initiative’ will supposedly reduce global pollution.

Just a couple of points:

The plastic bags are supposedly biodegradable and they fall to bits after a few months.      We re-use them at home for all manner of different things and they make a real difference to daily life.

The re-usable bags that we now had to buy at the supermarket are synthetic, non bio-degradable (I assume) and contain maybe a hundred times more volume of synthetic material per bag.   They don’t seem to last more than a few shopping trips and will be discarded when they become unusable.  They will presumably create a huge amount of landfill and pollution.

The shopping experience is now far less convenient (forgot my bag, not enough bags, THIS bag is buggered!) for a population that is already overstressed.  I’m sure we will soon see a new phnomenon at the supermarket called checkout rage.  AND NO-ONE IS OUTLAWING DISPOSABLE NAPPIES! (daipers).    Am I the only one who thinks that all these Crusader Rabbits are morons?  To everyone who has the smarts to involve themselves in campaigns like this (and others like the quit smoking movement) that force people to comply with THEIR idea of how the world should be … I HATE YOU.

For a broader perspective:     andrewcaddle.com/?p=179

Andrew Caddle 2013-11-01



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