Divinity In Our Humanity

How divine is humankind who, having evolved within a creation that rewards only strength, cunning, power, dominance and self preservation …….. could have ever conceived of morality, of justice, of mercy and of love.

These concepts are the children of our humanity.  Our story has become the endless struggle between our desire to create a reality that is more, that is better, that is kinder and more loving, that is fairer and more just ….. that is a reflection of our inner divinity …….and our evolutionary programming that seeks to drag us back to a creation that is cold and uncaring and harsh and unfeeling.  We have evolved to be something far more than the creation from which we have sprung.

We instinctively know that love and gentleness, justice, fairness and goodness …. are ideals that are of us …. and that do not belong to the creation that spawned us.  We look to the heavens for some creature who is more than we … to explain the existence of goodness in a world where it does not belong.  Perhaps we will only move forward toward our divine destiny when we learn to stop looking to heaven, stop looking outside of ourselves for our answers, and learn instead to look into the mirror …. and into the eyes of our fellow beings.

Andrew Caddle  2016-04-11



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