Dog Days At Holden ……. A PLAY

If the “Fast Forward” comedy show was still a happening thing, I’m sure we’d be seeing a skit like this.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

The scene …. Holdens Human Resources office. Sharon is seated at her workstation   when Allison bustles in and sits down at her desk opposite Sharon’s.

Sharon:     Hey Ally, did I see you getting out of a new car in the staff park?

Allison:      (smugly) Yep. I bought a Jeep.

Sharon:     You bought a Jeep!

Allison:     (Smugly) Yep

Sharon:    You bought a JEEP?

Allison:     YES, Sharon, I bought a Jeep.

Sharon:    (Looks indignant) Gees, Ally, that seems a bit rich. You work for Holdens and we’re looking down the barrel. If you wanted a new car, maybe you should have thought about buying a Commodore?

Allison:     REALLY??? What about YOUR new car Shaz?

Sharon:     (looking puzzled) I don’t HAVE a new car.

Allison:      Oh yes you do!

Sharon:     No Ally, you’re mistaken.      I don’t have a new car.

Allison:     Oh, come on Shaz.   Mel, from accounting said that she saw you in the carpark on Wednesday …… and you were driving a new car!

Sharon:     (understanding registering)    Oh, that. No, no. Its not a car Ally……. Its an Alfa Romeo!

Allison:     (looking rebuffed) Oh, sorry.    Anyway, I don’t s’pose it matters what we buy. The company’s buggered anyway. Those bloody politicians have a lot to answer for, pulling the rug out from under.

Sharon:      Yeah. I don’t know what the country’s coming to, when our own government will stand by and watch our local jobs go down the drain. HATE politicians!

Allison:        Yeah, me too.   Are you still going to do that Europe Rhine cruise, these holidays?    Fred and I are thinking of that South American package (pan out and sound fade)   …….  The one they showed on  “Getaway” last week.

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