I think that the battle for equality is really a battle for domination, wearing a halo ….. about as attractive as a rotting corpse in a Sunday suit.  If I were an aboriginal person, I wouldn’t want reconciliation.  I’d want those invaders to get the hell out of my land.  If I were a feminist, I wouldn’t want to achieve equality.  I’d want a world where females were revered as the superior sex that 50 years of feminism has taught them that they are.

But I’m a bloke.  I am white.  I was  born in Australia.  Just like my aboriginal brothers, my white brothers and my beautiful sisters of whatever racial heritage,  I had no say whatever in any of these things.  I, like you, am simply what I am.

I dream of a time when we are all just people together .. all Australians together …. where inequality simply doesn’t exist.  But it is just a dream.

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