Of Greed, Tyranny and Revolution

You can learn a lot from nature. In the wild, lions eat wildebeest, Frogs eat insects, Right Whales eat krill and Killer Whales eat Right Whales. Almost every life form survives by destroying and consuming some other life form … and no-one ever complains about the immorality or the injustice of it all.

Animals seem to have an enviable ability to just accept things the way they are, You never hear a wildebeest decrying the unfairness of its situation when it finds itself being torn to pieces in the jaws of a lion. You never see Krill organising themselves to defend themselves against those vicious whales. You never hear grass complaining at being torn asunder by wildebeest. And you could conclude that the ‘lower’ animals might find life pretty sad and intolerable ….. with it being so unfair and so uncertain. Anyone who ever watched lambs frolicking in a field or lion cubs wrestling with each other would probably realise that it just doesn’t seem to be the case. Animals seem sometimes to reveal an enthusiasm for and a love of life, that would be the envy of many a human.

Occasionally, Lions get a little too numerous and a little too full of themselves and life for the wildebeest becomes even more uncertain and even more sad! But as the poor old wildebeest numbers decline, the lion food supply does as well … and lions fall on hard times and some of them die off. And the reduced number of lions means that the poor old wildebeest gets some relief and stands a much better chance of surviving and breeding successfully until their numbers increase once again. The lions then find that their food supply is more abundant and so they too can again increase in numbers. The whole system has a wonderful natural rhythm and order to it. In fact, if you were to take mankind out of the natural equation, the system would probably continue on just like that, forever. And the system is self regulating in other, more important ways. Animals generally speaking, eat only to survive and don’t consume more than they need.

Now humans, on the other hand …… Humans are more intelligent than the lower animals. But the world of humanity is far less dissimilar to the world of nature than we’d like to imagine. Amongst humans, there are wildebeest types, there are lions, there are peacocks and buzzards ….. I reckon there’s probably a character type amongst humans to match pretty much any lower creature that ever was!

Of course, humans don’t feed on each other, literally. No, no, nooooo ….. we are far ‘higher’ than those other animals. But amongst humanity, higher humans feed off the production of lower humans, just as lions feed off those poor old wildebeest. Amongst humans, there are warriors who are programmed to dominate their fellow humans physically. They’re called soldiers and politicians. There are hunters who are programmed to feed off the lower humans, financially. We call them Financiers and business people. It has always been so.

Unlike the lower animals, human predators don’t limit their predation to the fulfilment of their immediate needs. A human predator won’t stop bleeding his lower human victim when his survival needs have been met. A human predator’s appetite is NEVER sated. A human predator will hunt and pursue and devour just as long as there is anything left to hunt or pursue or devour. Humans are almost unique as a species, in that they actually hunt and destroy for the pure enjoyment of it.

Occasionally, the lions among us have become too clever at feeding off of the rest of humanity. Occasionally, the warrior types have so dominated populations that life itself became intolerable for the wildebeest masses. But unlike the lower animals, wildebeest humans have evolved unnatural traits like a sense of morality and a sense of justice. These strange and unnatural traits are peculiar to humans and are generally dormant. They seem to become active at times when lower people are most subjected to the natural pressure of predation by higher humans. Its important to bear in mind that, in the natural order, there is no such a thing as morality and no justice either. These are purely artificial and human constructs.

Throughout history, humanity’s response to intolerable predation by higher humans has not been like that of the lower animals. Human wildebeest types eventually turn, and rise up … they revolt! Hence the French monarchy and the French nobility were destroyed under the blade of the guillotine in that bloodiest of revolutions. The grip of the Russian Tsars ended in a hail of machine gun bullets. And the tyrannical oppression of the British monarchy over the fledgling United States was ultimately cast off in the American Revolution.

When I look back at the turbulent times of human history, it seems that the noblest sentiments, the brightest hopes and the highest ideals have evolved through revolution. Each revolution seems born out of tyranny and oppression and gives birth itself to a new-found sense of justice, freedom and fairness. You could be excused for thinking that revolution elevates mankind’s morality and decency, even in the midst of his depravity. You could be excused for thinking that the human species would be elevated to a new era of decency, compassion and fairness.

So what happens after a good old revolution? There’s a short period of progress and development while the sense of injustice is still strong in the minds of the people. And then, as sure as night follows day, there will arise a new crop of lions and buzzards amongst the human wildebeests. A new monarchy and a new nobility will arise to feed off the labours and the achievements of the masses. The largest turds will again float to the top of the cess pool. Never has the noble side of the human spirit prevailed over the natural order of humanity.

Today’s royalty is the mega corporation. And they are but figureheads … and ones you can’t kill off either! The new nobility is the uber-rich. And unlike the nobility of yesteryear, they are smarter. They invented the ‘corporate citizen’, so as to have a political device that, unlike a king, cannot be killed. They don’t flaunt their greed and their wealth amongst the ordinary people, So when the oppressed masses look to seek out their oppressors, they will have a tough job identifying them. They use politicians and soldiers to do their bidding and they manipulate policy and politics behind the scenes. And there’s never any shortage of politicians, willing to sell out their fellow people, for the glory of being seen to be in power. There’s always been a military that stands ready to battle its own people for a few pieces of silver.

One thing that I’m sure of though, is that all that has happened before, will inevitably happen again …. and again and again until mankind either evolves beyond the dog-eat-dog madness of lower nature …… or destroys himself completely in a titanic battle for the earth’s goodies. As long as mankind panders to his need to accumulate and acquire beyond his personal needs, as long as the evil of old money and dynastic wealth is allowed to continue, as long as life’s rewards and recognition is tied to who you sprang from, rather than what you do, as long we admire a man for what he appears to have, rather than what he has contributed to humanity and as long as we allow one man to profit from the labours of another, we are condemned to be forever living in our present jungle.

Vive la Revolution!

Andrew Caddle   2014_05_18



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