Handy Hints That Work For Me

Every one of us will have at least one good idea in their lifetime.  Some clever people have lots.  There are two things in life that you can give away, that will make others immensely richer without making you any poorer at all.  One is a smile and the other is a good idea.  Unfortunately, society being what it is today, we have pretty much outlawed both of these wonderful gifts.  If you go around smiling at people, they will get all uncomfortable or angry …. resulting in you either being locked up or punched out!  And if you think that people are willing to share their good ideas in the spirit of love and cooperation, you’d be surprised at just how much gets spent on legal patents, the sole purpose of which is to prevent you benefiting from someone else’s good idea

I have come across a few really good ideas along life’s path.  Some of them were gifted to me and others, I brought forth all by myself (I think).  Maybe you can get some use out of some of them.  You won’t find the secret to perpetual motion here, or the secret to eternal life.  Just ordinary stuff that you can use every day.

Micro Dispensers … Use What You Need and Save What You Don’t

Micro Mixing Pots

A Better Mousetrap

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