Jobs And Growth – An Australian Fairytale

Malcolm Turnbull wants you to believe his ‘jobs and growth’ mantra and uses it to justify
giving massive tax breaks to big business.  He claims that jobs will be created by business because it will be more profitable.

Here’s how I think ‘jobs and growth’ / tax breaks for big business will actually work.

Business is about making profit.  Employing Australians isn’t profitable.  That’s why business has been progressively transferring jobs overseas, to exploit cheap labour.

They’ve been doing this for years, to the point where we have less and less industry of our own and less and less employment opportunities for ordinary workers.   That’s why phone conversations that you have about your telephone service, your banking or whatever else … is had with someone called Glenn or Monica … who has a decidedly Indian or Phillippino accent.

Nowadays, we have the 451 visa to help employers bring in cheap labour from overseas to replace Australian workers where the work actually has to be done here. And Malcolm tells us that we will all have a bright future in new ‘clever’ industries, where we will all be computer programmers and rocket scientists.  If you aren’t smart enough to do this work, well you aren’t really worth worrying about.

Of course, what Malcolm says about ‘jobs and growth’ is partly true.  Giving huge tax breaks to business WILL make them more profitable.  And they just might create a few more jobs.   The reality is though, that the jobs will be in China or Asia or anywhere where people can provide slave labour for peanuts.  And any business that can cash in on the tax breaks will have a great growth opportunity.

So why do we believe Malcolm’s bullshit?  It’s because we WANT it to be true.  No matter how obvious the lie, if it’s what we WANT to be true, we will follow along.

They say an idiot is someone who keeps on doing a certain thing over and over in the same way … and expecting a different outcome.  Watching business export our jobs and our future for years and years should have taught us that we need to change direction.

But we will follow Malcolm all the way to economic oblivion, because we so want his promise to be true.

He is wealthy, and maybe by listening to him, we will become wealthy too. He might not know much about wealth creation … but clearly, he’s a dab hand at wealth accumulation.  And he is teaching those of us who do still have employment, that we can blame poverty on the poor and blame unemployment on the unemployed.

Right now, our economy is shrinking with less job opportunities, family debt is spiraling and real estate prices place home ownership beyond the reach of ordinary people.  And despite the obvious, this very decline is held up as validation for providing further tax breaks for ‘business’.  Never mind recent revalations of huge corporations that are making massive revenues here in Australia but paying little or no tax.

Meanwhile, jobs and growth’.  Foreign jobs and ‘growth’ for the wealthy.  What can possibly  be wrong with that?

Andrew Caddle 20161208


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