On Movers And Shakers

On Movers And Shakers

When anyone uses this term, they are invariably referring to the ‘big wheels’ within our society; the people with lots of wealth, power, popularity and Charisma …… those outstanding individuals who make a huge difference and they do it in a big way. But that’s not who I think about when I use the expression.

No; I think about the people who rock my personal little world; and probably yours as well. The ordinary people; the unsung heroes who colour my life in wonderful ways. I reckon it does the soul some good, to spend a bit of time every day, tallying up the good things in one’s life. And this little article is my feeble attempt at saying ‘thank you’ to so many people who’ve made my world a better place. You might very well be one of them.

First up, I’d like to thank every single individual who ever made me laugh. I an blessed to have a sense of humour that is easily stimulated. But without the wonderful intelligence and spontaneity of countless individuals, I don’t suppose I’d find much to chuckle over on my own. There are some giants in the world of funny and we all know some …. the John Cleese’s and Billy Birmingham’s of the world. Its always been my belief that comedians should be amongst the highest paid of the professionals … right up there with politicians and brain surgeons. But there have been many people in my life, ordinary people, who have brightened up my world immeasurably. I am talking about all those people who try to see the funny side of all things and who try to help their friends to do the same. Mates and girlfriends who take the time to share a joke that they’ve heard or a funny post they’ve come across …. or who just brighten odd moments by coming out with a pearler here or there. I reckon we’ve all got at least one good comedy line tucked away. I’m so grateful for humour. Without it, I doubt life would be endurable, much less the wonderful experience that it is. So thanks to all of my mad friends. May you all live at least a day longer than me …. so’s I don’t ever have to miss you!

The next group of individuals who have been real movers and shakers in my life, are all those wonderful people who have shown patience and forebearance towards me. Like so many of my fellow beings, I’m not an overly confident person. I am slow to learn and a bit thick in taking things in. But over my lifetime, I’ve been blessed so often to be taught by people who tolerated my shortcomings and who had the patience to wait for me to catch up. Without them, I don’t suppose I ever would have grown accustomed to success or to have had the confidence to keep trying when things didn’t go well.

Then there are those select individuals who I’ve been blessed to call friends, who have provided me with all manner of help through the course of my life. Mates who made it possible for me to achieve things with their help, that I could NEVER have managed alone. Everything from building works, to mechanics, to farming and joinery. There has been such a progression of wonderful people who have come into my life at various times … always just when I needed them … who gave of themselves unstintingly and who never had thought of recompense or reward.

Another mob, without whom I don’t reckon I could have survived this far, are just those amazing friends who gave of their time and provided companionship, support and encouragement to me, through my black days and who were there to celebrate with me, in the brightest moments. I just can’t believe how blessed I’ve been to know so many wonderful people …. or how undeserving I feel of their friendship.

So my movers and shakers aren’t those prominent ‘big wheels’ who are household names. The people who rock my world are the real, ordinary people like you, who I’ve been blessed to share the planet with. If I achieve nothing more with my life, I think that being here will be worthwhile, if I simply become a bit more like you. If I can be caring, supportive, patient, helpful and funny, at least some of the time, then maybe I can be someone’s ‘mover and shaker’ too.

You guys know who you are and I thank you so very much. You are the very best of the many good things in my life.


Andrew Caddle 20130922



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