Where DO we stand on pollution? – An Open Letter To Malcolm Turnbull

Dear Mr Turnbull,

I’m really sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could spare a moment to explain something. I want to understand about pollution and Australia’s policy on participating in the pollution of the planet.  I realise that I’m not very bright and I just know that I’ll be very embarrassed when you explain what will no doubt prove to be so obvious, that even a child could understand.

I’ve heard lots of criticism recently of the US President for his decision to back out of the international climate change arrangements and I’ve been feeling so proud that we aren’t following his lead. I imagined at first that we would do just that, since we follow the US in just about everything. But I’m thrilled to know that we are determined to honour our commitment to the rest of the planet, to do our part in reducing global CO2 emissions.

I see we are phasing out unleaded petrol soon and Aussies will pony up the extra cash to run their cars on super. It’s only another 10c a litre (plus GST?) I’m sure me and my fellow Aussies don’t mind paying more to help keep the planet clean.

And I see too that we’ve de-commissioned several coal fired power stations in recent times. No doubt that will help enormously in meeting our global responsibilities. So well done, you! Last night, I heard on the news that Australians will soon experience severe increases in electricity charges. I’m sure you are aware too, of the recent supply failures that have left countless people without power to satisfy even basic needs. This is probably a good thing though, because it will help people to adapt to our new energy future where renewables might prove a bit unreliable … like when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

I understand that we have to just accept that coal fired power generation is just … so …. yesterday. We all have to make sacrifices to help our proud nation fulfil it’s international responsibilities. I think you’re doing a splendid job, making the hard decisions for us ordinary Australians.

Just this one niggling little issue though and I’ll be so glad if you can take time out of your busy schedule to help this simple Australian to understand.

Right now, we have the Chinese digging up prime farming land in the Darling Downs to mine coal and I think there are plans to expand the mining operation there to swallow up more of our most productive farming assets. And I see that we’ve generously agreed to let an Indian billionaire (who apparently needs a loan from the Australian Taxpayers) dig up the Galilee Basin to create one of the biggest coal mines on the planet. It will produce 60 million tons of coal every year for sixty years and it will all be burned for electricity production.

Mr Turnbull, I know I’m thick but can you explain how Australia can claim to be striving to achieve CO2 emission standards (even if we went totally renewable) if we are, at the same time, selling (giving) millions of tons of coal to other nations to pollute the planet on a scale we can’t even imagine?

And can you also explain (I know … I said one question but now I’m thinking about it ..) why Australians must do without coal fired power stations in which we could burn some of those millions of tons of coal ourselves, when we are happy for it to be burned elsewhere to provide electricity to the people of other nations?

It seems to me, trying to meet pollution emissions targets while making a living off the pollution of the planet is Hypocritical at best and just nuts at worst.  It’s like priding ourselves on celibacy and morals while making our living as a pimp!  And if we are happy to live off the pollution of our planet, why can’t we be honest about that, and do some polluting right here at home, so that Australians might get some benefit from our abundant resources.  Maybe we should forget about decommissioning coal fired power stations until we already have renewables infrastructure in place to replace them.

I know I’m thick. I know you’ll be able to explain to me, why Australians have to pay through the nose for vastly overpriced energy when we are letting others virtually steal the resources that we could be using ourselves.

I saw you on the telly recently, pitching in to help with the clean up of the floods. I was impressed and grateful to know you take the time to help us ordinary folks. Can you take just a moment to ease my confusion on this? I’d be ever so grateful.

I’m thrilled to live in a country that has so much. So much coal. so much gas; iron ore; even some oil reserves. I just don’t understand why Australians aren’t allowed to actually use any ourselves or why it all belongs to other nations.

Anyhow, despite all the coal and oil and gas and iron, I still regard you, Malcolm, as our greatest ass ……..et by far. What an Australian! I’ll look forward to your reply.


Andrew Caddle

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Thank you, Andrew.


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