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Its rare that properties with this much potential are offered on the open market and we are very excited to present this newly acquired listing for sale.  We are seeking expressions of interest from serious bidders for the following offering:

Island state located just South of the busy business precinct of Melbourne, Victoria.  This property offers diverse terrain, a wealth of natural resources and will lend itself to a wide range of profitable ventures.

Frac Mining, Open cut mining, massive tracts of natural bush suited to clear fell forestry (would convert well to monoculture plantation operations) and pulp milling are all potentially profitable uses.  Additional sales opportunities for the inventive marketer exist in the form of ample reserves of wind and fresh water and possibly electricity generation (may require a small investment in additional infrastructure). Present massive and healthy marine environment will (in the short term) provide fisheries resources well suited to factory fishing operations.

Extensive agricultural assets already established with NEW PLUMBING already in place (installed by previous owner) to most sections.  Some rewiring may be required but current electrical infrastructure is still functional.  Whilst current production potential far exceeds available market demand we are confident that the previous owner’s significant investments in plumbing infrastructure will prove beneficial in the very long term.

Tourism opportunity featuring natural wildlife and unique environment experiences could provide short-term income opportunities pending development of more profitable income streams.

This is an amazing opportunity for industry in a very quiet locality with room to breathe. Existing owners are willing to stay on as tennants in small section of the property but will not interfere in any way with new owner’s operations and developments.  A very passive local population has already been concentrated in centres to the North and South of the property and is unlikely to provide any impediment to development activities.Floor Plan

This property is situated in an industry friendly, pollution tolerant environment. Existing resources including wildlife and natural environment could be conveniently removed if not required.

Property to be sold as a whole or in smaller parcels but we ARE committed to sell.  Serious bidders are invited to contact the vendors, Hojmann and Partners, Hobart.  We are an equal opportunity marketer and no genuine offer, local or foreign, will be refused. We mean BUSINESS!  Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This property will not last long!  (N.B Genuine small business operators need NOT apply)


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