Sewing Machine User Instructions – Available to download


 Instructions – Singer Attachments – Style No. 11 for No. 15 Sewing Machine – August 1905

A scan of the instructions for use of accessories provided in the Puzzle Box for the Singer Model 15 Sewing Machine ….. Dated August 1905.  Original document is discoloured, due to oil contact but is legible.  Includes a good photo of the correct layout of the accessories in this particular Puzzle Box.

Singer Electric Motors KA and KD 2100 Series – Instructions

Singer 29/4 User Instructions

This is a scan of my photocopy of the User Instructions for the Singer 29/4 Boot Patching machine.  The quality of some of the text isn’t great and I lost quite a bit of quality compressing the file down to what was acceptable to my host.   I will be happy to email you a better quality version (4.5 Megabyte file) if you leave a request with your email address in the comments section.

29K Operator’s Guide

Clear illustrations and concise instructions on the use and adjustment of your model 29.

Toyota 4500EL Sewing Machine User Instructions

PDF File of this manual.  One of my pet hates is so-called businesses who charge you money to download a manual.  There are websites dedicated to this rip-off, as well as sewing businesses.  I had to buy this one but if sharing it with you for free will keep one of these great machines in service, I reckon that’s a good deal all round.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine User Instructions – Available to download

    • Hello, I’m sorry if you’ve had any difficulty downloading the file. However, I think you’ll find that if you simply click on the link, your browser will download it ‘in the background’. If you check in your downloads folder, you’ll probably find you have already downloaded several copies.

      Anyone having trouble downloading is welcome to send me their email address and I’ll be glad to email them a copy of the file.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Copy of requested manual has been sent to your email address. However, if you check your downloads folder, you might find that you’ve already downloaded a copy when you clicked on the link on my website.

      If you have any trouble getting the file by email, please lest me know.

      Kind regards,

      Andrew Caddle

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