The Micro Mixing Pot

One of the annoying things about growing older is that you find yourself supplementing your diet with an ever increasing amount of medication of one kind or another.  Some of this is packaged in plastic blister packs, with a covering of aluminium foil that holds the individual pills in place.  Crushing the back of the blister pack causes the pill in the dimple to break through the foil.

I don’t crush the pills out of the blister packs.  I carefully cut the foil around the edge of each little dimple and get the pills out that way.  When all the pills are gone, I’m left with a dinky little plastic ‘palette’ with a series of dimples in it.

How can you make use of such a seemingly useless item?  I use them as mixing pots for tiny quantities of epoxy resin.  Most people mix this stuff on a piece of flat card or plastic.  Much of the product ends up smeared over the surface of the card and not well mixed.  By using the pill dimples in the medicine packaging and using a blunt tooth pick as a stirrer/applicator, the product mixes thoroughly and waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.


Larger quantities of epoxy can be mixed on a small piece of cardboard that has a shiny finish on one side.  The shiny finish will prevent the epoxy from soaking into the cardboard and when you are done, your mixing tray can go straight into the bin.  I cut up empty tissue boxes, cereal packets and all manner of other cardboard and keep pieces of it on hand.  It’s amazing just how many uses you will find for discarded waste.


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