Third Time’s A Charm

Not wishing to be left out of the social and economic mayhem recently visited upon Victoria and now about to be repeated in South Australia, our intrepid leader (no doubt hoping to win a gold star from Big Brother, Scomo) has this posted on the local covid community update page:

International mercy flights

Published 7 November 2020

Tasmania will assist in the national effort to help vulnerable Australians overseas return home with a number to undertake their quarantine in Tasmania from later this month.

Upon arrival in Tasmania, travellers will undertake 14 days quarantine in Government-designated hotel quarantine facilities with services provided to ensure security on site as well as health and other services for the returning Australians while they are in quarantine. COVID-19 testing will be undertaken of all travellers prior to their arrival in Tasmania. Costs associated with the quarantine process will be met by the Australian Government.

Travellers will include people who are in poor health, have lost their jobs, have exhausted their finances, have limited English or are returning home for compassionate reasons.

Once their quarantine is complete, travellers will be able to leave Tasmania if they wish, within the border restrictions of other jurisdictions.

While also enabling the safe return and quarantining of Australian citizens, this approach also recognises the recent succesful quarantine of international Antarctic expeditioners. This process demonstrated Tasmania’s capacity to provide the security, support services and infection control practices required to manage high-risk arrivals.

The arrogance implied by the final sentence is breathtaking! Given the Victorian and South Australian experiences, who would actually believe that this thing won’t escape from quarantine and decimate ther local Tasmanian community and economy.

Our leaders are falling over themselves to demonstrate their compassion for our poor, stranded ex-pats, all of whom presumably left Australia of their own volition and under their own steam. Meanwhile, they show a cavalier disregard for the health and economic security of their citizens at home.

It seems to me that our leaders are only capable of seeing as far as the next election, making choices that they hope will be popular, instead of making hard choices for the common good.

Why can’t we provide support to ‘our stranded Aussies’ overseas, instead of importing certain calamity and visiting it upon us all.

It’s only a matter of time until every jurisdiction participating in this madness, reaps the certain rewards of arrogance and stupidity. Tasmania, with it’s largely older population will seemingly be at particular risk.

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