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Can’t help being struck by how ‘Obama-esque’ Tony’s current media performance is.  He’s the very epitome of caring compassion and decency, at any price.  I can almost imagine Obama, Baracking him on!  We should feel proud too, that each and every Australian will get to pay their very own little share of that price.  Personally, I’d rather he spent his time trying (clumsily) to run our country, instead of political posturing, using the terrible suffering of grieving families as his soap box.  I suppose it does take attention away from how they are doing at running the country.

Interesting too, that if you’re an Australian, you’re apparently very precious …. so long as you’re not an age pensioner or a young unemployed person.

He’s going to be a very hard pair of R M Williams’s to fill when he eventually chokes on his own bullshit.

Last year, an average 3.3 people died on Australian Roads every single day ….. and I don’t recall a single political media release.  I don’t suppose it’d capture the same international attention though, or resonate so well with modern Australians who do so love a good emotifest.  Just saying.



Andrew Caddle  2014-07-23



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