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I started this site simply to share some thoughts as well as some of the beauty that I see in my world,  At this point, its probably fair to insert a disclaimer or two.  Every word that I type might well be total rubbish.  At best, it is only my opinion.  More likely, its just some silly notion that I’ve found rattling around in my head.  If you find anything on my site that makes you laugh, makes you smile, makes you frown, makes you cuss or … my fondest hope …. makes you THINK …. then creating this site will have been well worth while.

I hope you will enjoy sharing my ramblings and I encourage you to jump in and comment on anything I write.  Critique all you like.  My only request is that you address the article, rather than attacking the author.

Andrew Caddle

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  1. Hi Andrew. I have a Singer 320k2 that i picked up at a garage sale for $50. However, the timing is out. I’m finding it hard to find instructions on resetting the timing. My Daughter wants to learn to sew and the only other machine I have is an industrial one.

    • Hi Clinton, I’m so sorry to have taken so long to respond to your message. I am rather snowed under at the minute. I’m afraid I don’t have a service manual for the 320K2 and that machine has a unique under carriage, compared with the other swing needle Singers …. necessary to accommodate the same amount of hardware in a smaller base because of the free arm design (the first free arm Singer, I think).
      I do have a service manual for the 206, 306, 319 and even 401 …. but none of those machines are free arm models.
      However, if you’re referring to the needle/hook timing, then I expect that the timing procedures might very well be the same.
      I’ll email you a copy, just in case it proves helpful.
      I’d be keen to know how you get on with your machine. The price certainly sounds right. Do you have the fashion disks to go with it?

  2. Andrew i have a singer 319k and i am interested in using the 15×1 needles you have suggested. I can file out the metal of the original bobbin case but was thinking about using a bobbin case from a Borletti sewing machine which has the necessary space for preventing the needle from striking the metal .

  3. Dear Andrew,

    very interesting your modification of the bobbin case, i’ll try it to update mine in the same way – maybe it can solve my actual problem. The problem still is the needle still is in hard contact to the bobbin case – up to this problem it still worked fine without problems. But maybe the needle bar and /or the rotary hook for the bobbin case have to be new installed or to correct. The machine is still the Singer 306K. Maybe you have the possibilty to send some pics of your needle bar that i can see if mine has to be corrected.
    Sorry for my bad english – only to solve this problem i ‘m still speaking/writing english since some years.

    maybe you’ll answer on my email adress hz01@gmx.de

    thanks a lot for your comments

    kind regards


    • Hi Walter,

      If your 306K was previously working correctly using 15X1 needles (i.e. you could sew zig-zag at maximum width without any sign of needle strike) then you certainly won’t solve your current problem by modifying your bobbin case further. It does indeed sound like the needle bar has shifted and requires re-setting. I’m not sure if photos of one of mine would provide the necessary detail. I’ll email you a copy of the service manual for the machine. That will hopefully give you the information that you require. If you still need some help after referring to the manual, please don’t hesitate to email me ac@andrewcaddle.com.

      Kind regards,


      Hallo Walter,

      Wenn Ihre 306K zuvor mit 15X1-Nadeln einwandfrei gearbeitet hat (d. H. Sie könnten Zick-Zack mit maximaler Breite nähen, ohne dass Anzeichen eines Nadelstichs zu spüren sind), können Sie Ihr aktuelles Problem mit Sicherheit nicht lösen, indem Sie Ihre Spulenkapsel weiter modifizieren. Es hört sich tatsächlich so an, als hätte sich die Nadelstange verschoben und müsste neu eingestellt werden. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob Fotos von einem von mir das nötige Detail liefern würden. Ich schicke Ihnen eine Kopie des Wartungshandbuchs für die Maschine per E-Mail. Das wird Ihnen hoffentlich die Informationen geben, die Sie benötigen. Wenn Sie nach dem Lesen des Handbuchs noch Hilfe benötigen, senden Sie mir bitte eine E-Mail an ac@andrewcaddle.com.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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