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I’m sure that most people dream of being wealthy, or at very least, dream of being financially secure and free of financial burdens.  The world of commerce in general and the internet in particular are awash with schemes, promising to show you how to “make it big”, dead set, guaranteed.  These schemes range from those requiring just a few minutes of your time to read the secrets to financial success …. right up to those involving a full-on seminar or two, usually in some remote city and involving a huge expense for travel and accommodation … not to mention massive attendance fees.  The one thing that all of these schemes have in common, is that they are invariably designed to divest you of the money that you already have, based on the promise of showing you how to get ahold of a fortune that you currently do not have.

One of the ironies of some of these schemes is the notion that the more your participation costs, the greater will be the payoff and the better will be the value of making that investment.  So the flashier and more upmarket the environment in which its held and the swankier and more ‘successful’ (read wealthy) the presenters can make themselves appear, the greater the chance of convincing you that what you are buying is ‘good value’ …. even the bargain of a lifetime.  Its a bit like that fairytale about ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes’.

Another amazing factor of some of these money-making schemes, is the ability of presenters to have their participants believe that  the information being provided is valuable out of all proportion to its cost …..  and that the presenter’s motive in making the information available is primarily that of altruism.  The line goes something like, “I’ve been successful.  I don’t really need your money.  And I just want to share my good fortune so that the world can be a better place with more happy, successful people”

It is said that there’s one born every minute and I’m sure that most of us have actually been ‘that one’, a time or two in our lives.  A couple of important points.  If you have found a scheme that is making you a fortune, wouldn’t you want to devote all of your time and energy into running that scheme and making as much from it as possible? Why would you waste your valuable time, running a (relatively) profitless seminar?   And wouldn’t common sense incline you to keep it to yourself?  Do the wealthy industrialists and traders who you know of, give up their success and surrender their place in the system, so they can be free to evangelize the less fortunate?

Well today is your lucky day, my friend!   Because I, Andrew (Trust Me) Caddle, am about to reveal to you, free and without obligation, for no other reason than that I want you to be happy …. the real secret to making real money.  You won’t have to travel to Sydney, book a room in a swanky hotel and hand over several thousand dollars for your participation.  You won’t even have to sign up for anything.  My course isn’t even a day course.  You’ll be done in an hour.  And you won’t have to grasp a whole lot of complicated concepts or study reams of printed matter.  I won’t be ‘mentoring’ you into the future as you set about making your own real money.  And I won’t even insult your intelligence by pretending to be your long lost, very best friend!   Interested?  Strap yourself in!

The first thing we need to do, for my course to be successful. is to establish some honesty principles.  So I must state right now that I sincerely believe everything that I’m about to share with you.  I’m NOT doing this because I care about you, or because I have some altruistic yearning to be the instrument of world contentment.  I’m obviously not doing it for money (although, as always, my readers are very welcome to send me bucket-loads of the stuff.  Just email me and I’ll provide bank account details.  Funny, no-one has actually sent me any yet … not ever!)  And finally, I realize that your time is actually valuable … and you concentration span is maybe even more limited than mine.  So I’ll try to be as brief as I can.  I’ll tell you why I’m willing to share these pearls of wisdom when we get to the end … promise.

OK, let’s begin by dealing with the oppositions’ various get rich schemes and why you should choose mine instead.  Firstly, most of these schemes that promise to teach you how to make money, AREN’T ABOUT MAKING MONEY, AT ALL.  They are about acquiring wealth.  There’s a huge and very important difference.  Making money is a positive act.  Acquiring wealth very often isn’t.  Acquiring wealth almost always works on the principle of one person winning and someone else LOSING.

Making real money is hard …. and its getting harder all the time.  I’ll tell you why.  We need to start by discussing what money actually IS.  Money, as I’ve said many times, has no value of its own.  Money is a REPRESENTATION of value.  How much is a dollar worth?  I can’t tell you that.  What I CAN tell you, is that the total value of all of the money that exists within a closed financial system, is EXACTLY EQUAL to to total value of all of the goods and services that are available to be consumed within that system.

There are two ways, and two ways only, by which you can make money.  One is to set yourself up a mint and print some.  Not a scheme that is generally acceptable to your government.  They like to keep a monopoly on stealing from society ….. and printing money is about the best, most efficient way to do that.  Consider what I said about the total value of the money within a closed financial system.  Lets say, just for argument sake, that there are one hundred, one dollar notes and they are ALL of the money that exists.  And lets say that the only things available for you to purchase within society are donuts.  And there are only 100 of those in existence.  So ignoring mankind’s capacity for deceit and underhandedness, you can see that the ‘value’ of a single donut will be the same as one dollar.

Now let’s say, for the sake of argument, that there’s an exchange of trade and the people who have the hundred, one dollar notes swap them for the one hundred donuts.  And Let’s say they eat half of the donuts.  Since the number of dollar notes has remained the same (100) and the number of donuts that are available is now halved (50) we can reasonably say that the ‘value’ of the remaining donuts is two dollars each.  What has happened is that the ‘value’ of a dollar note has kept perfect pace with the ‘value’ of a single donut.  Since the utility value of each individual remaining donut has not changed, then the value of the available money is now halved (just like the number of donuts!).

So what can happen to change the value of an individual donut?  Simple.  Either the total number of available donuts can change (either by more being produced or more being eaten) or the total number of dollars within the system can be changed.  The government might decide to print another 100 dollar notes, for example.  Now the total number of dollar notes that exist is 200 and the total number of donuts is still fifty.  So the ‘value’ of an individual donut is now $4 (i.e. $200 divided by the fifty available donuts = $4 each).  You see why printing money can be such good business?  The government has made zero contribution to the production of the donut supply, but they now hold half of the value of the existing wealth (donuts), represented by half of the total existing money within the system (the newly printed 100 bucks!).  By releasing the newly printed currency into the financial syatem, the government will have effectively halved the value of a dollar note and doubled the value of a donut!

I know this all sounds tedious and boring but if you don’t grasp this simple concept, you can never understand what making real money is about.  And its simply this, so I’ll say it again.  The total value of all of the money within a closed financial system is EXACTLY EQUAL to the total value of all of the goods and services that are available for consumption within that system. This is the embodiment of the simple concept of price equals supply divided by demand.  I’m sure you’ve heard of that concept.

So assuming that running your own money printing business isn’t an option, what can you, Joe and Josephine Citizen do, to make real money?  The answer is obvious but we need to take a brief step back and revisit what we said earlier.  The total value of all of the money within a closed financial system is EXACTLY EQUAL to the total value of all of the goods and services that are available for consumption within that system.  The obvious and only way that you and I have available to make real money, is to increase the total amount of goods and services within the system, that are available to be consumed within it.  So let’s revisit our previous example with the donuts.  If you have a total of 100 dollar notes within your system and you have one hundred donuts available for consumption, then each donut has the same value as one $1 note.  If you produce an extra one hundred donuts without any being consumed, then the total number of donuts available for purchase is now 200 and the total amount of currency available to purchase them is still $100.  So just as the number of donuts has doubled, so has the value of the $100 …. a donut is now worth 50c, in the new money!  But its utility value will always remain the same.  You will only ever get the same utility value from a commodity, regardless of the price that you pay for it.  Put another way, there will always be the same food value in a single donut, no matter how many or how few there are.

Making real money then, involves the PRODUCTION OF GOODS OR SERVICES that are of value to and available for consumption by people.  Where you manage to increase your personal wealth, while making no increase to the overall value of available goods and services, you have effectively stolen something.  You can do this illegally … say by robbing a bank or stealing a handbag … or legally by gambling on the currency market or buying a winning lottery ticket.  But whenever there is a movement of wealth without a commensurate exchange of goods or services, there will inevitably be a winner and a loser.  If you get rich by making someone else poor, you aren’t making anything … except human misery.

So what can YOU do, to make real money.  As I said, its getting harder all the time.  The reasons are these.  The number of PRODUCTIVE job opportunities is reducing all the time.  By ‘productive’ job opportunities, I mean jobs that are involved in the production of goods and services that are available for consumption.  Technology has taken away a great many of the opportunities that previously existed, for ordinary people to make a contribution to the production of goods and services.  Once upon a time, rural areas, for example.supported vibrant communities.   Where once, a single small farm supported a family and also provided seasonal employment opportunities to local citizens, now a couple of blokes and some huge machinery can farm thousands of acres with little outside assistance at all.  Where people were employed within the manufacturing sector, they are replaced by mindless robots and where teams of men with picks dug up the riches from deep within the earth, a single remote controlled machine could now do the work of hundreds.  So many of the productive job opportunities no longer exist.

Not only are opportunities for productive employment disappearing at an ever increasing rate, but the amount of money required for a person to actually enter into a productive enterprise (i.e. one producing goods or services that have value) has escalated beyond the reach of most ordinary people.  Big business has created a monopolistic stranglehold over most manufacturing, commerce and primary production and there is a whole raft of mechanisms that they employ to keep competition out.  So we find ourselves living in a world where Industries like mining and forestry are the exclusive preserve of big business, we have only a couple of  suppliers to choose between for our grocery supplies, and even traditional, small business activities like fishing are being swallowed by factory fishing techniques involving minimal workers for maximum returns.

There are, of course, still opportunities for small business operators to establish viable businesses.  Service industries like hospitality and cleaning … and trades like plumbing and carpentry and electrical work ….. although there are almost no opportunities left that aren’t rendered difficult or impossible by over-regulation and control. In short, there simply aren’t enough PRODUCTIVE jobs or business opportunities to provide meaningful work for the entire workforce.

Society’s response to the new reality has been the creation of an ever increasing range of non-productive jobs that keep people employed.  A great many of these are government funded activities, all involved in the ‘administration’ of society.   We have an entire army of ‘Public Servants’ who make their living by helping the government to interfere in the daily activities of citizens in general and of productive people in particular.  The amount of regulation over and control of, the activities of people engaged in productive enterprises is simply mind boggling.  The ever increasing interference by government agencies in the daily lives of ordinary people is chilling.

We are told repeatedly that small business is the backbone of our economy but every day, governments (read public funded employees) dream up new ways of breaking small business and of destroying that small part of the economy that is producing valuable goods and services, free of the stranglehold of big business.  Only big business can afford the endless impositions, regulation and interference imposed by governments.  They, after all, are permitted exclusive rights to a nation’s natural resources in return.  So they have a profit edge over small business. The divvying up of mining rights, fishing licenses, forestry concessions and water allowances see less and less small operators around the table … and more and more shiny-arsed public employees (who are overseeing this obscene distribution of YOUR PROPERTY on YOUR behalf) and overfed big business operators.  When I was a young bloke, not so long ago, anybody who was willing to work at it, could set up a little farm, keep a few pigs and sheep, a few fowls and grow crops.  You could sell your produce through the local stock agent and you were rewarded, according to the auction value of your produce.  You sold your eggs through the local store or to friends and family.  Today, you can’t keep pigs unless you are registered to do so and there are strict rules about immunization and identification of animals.  If you are a producer of sheep or cattle or even goats, you have to be registered and stock marking systems are strictly enforced and movement of stock vigorously controlled.  And just lately, in my little corner of the world, you can no longer sell your eggs unless you are a registered producer who has the appropriate little grading stamp on each egg.  Every one of these new controls has been ushered into reality, wearing the robes of righteousness and a glowing halo.  Every new control is claimed to be for the benefit and safety of the consumer.  The very same system is, at the same time, presiding over the genetic modification of your world by big business and no doubt, that’s in YOUR best interest as well.  And with every new restriction, the opportunities fade away, of ordinary people being able to set up their own, viable, profitable and productive business enterprise that is of benefit to themselves and their community.

How laughable it is to me, to hear government funded workers making disparaging remarks about the unemployed.  The only difference that I can see between the two, is that the unemployed person KNOWS that he isn’t contributing to that pool of VALUABLE goods and services that give meaning to the currency within our financial system.  The only real contributors to our economy, the ones who produce any value whatever to the financial well-being of society, are those involved in productive business, either as operators or as employees.  The rest of  us are just along for a free ride!

So …. how can YOU make real money.  By participating in or by working for real industries (whether manufacturing, health, primary production or service industries like entertainment, hospitality or tourism).  It doesn’t matter if you are working for yourself or as someone’s employee, if you are helping to provide a good or service that has value to your fellow man, you are making real money.

If you make your living as a government employee, interfering in the lives of others, consider trying to get a real job.  Or maybe go on the dole.  its much more honest money.  Failing that,  you might check out some of the get rich quick schemes that are around.  For just a few thousand, you can discover the secrets of making (NOT) real money.

I promised that I’d reveal my motivations for writing this article at the end.    Can’t let you down.  I wrote this article because I believe that the more obvious a truth becomes, the more blind to it, people tend to be.  We give credit to those within our society who don’t deserve it and we fail to acknowledge the contributions of those who are carrying all of us.  Its a fact that there simply aren’t enough meaningful jobs available to keep the population employed.  But I never believed that you can gainfully employ someone by having them interfere with the gainful employment of others.

Government is really about controlling the masses.  And every day, more and more of your personal freedoms and your right to choose for yourself are being stolen away, always by the same boorish oaf but always wearing that same white robe and halo.  I don’t KNOW what the answer is, for finding a better way forward for our society.  But I’m pretty sure we are headed down the wrong road at the moment.

To every person who is working at some honest endeavor and seeking to produce some worthwhile good or service that actually enriches our world, I salute you.  If you’re an employee of big business but you’re engaged in the production of needed goods and services ……whether you’re a tradie, a small business operator or a professional person who is dedicated to adding value to our society … in manufactured goods or by providing needed services, you and you alone, are making real money.

Today in Australia, we celebrate Rememberance Day … when we remember those who gave their lives to protect this nation and the freedoms it stood for.  I doubt they’d think much of what we are making of it today.  So much of the freedom that they died for, has been surrendered to government authority without so much as a whimper.

Andrew Caddle 2013-11-11

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