A collection of images from my life and the world around me.  They’re not here because they are stunning images (although a few are pretty good).  I post them so as to share a little of what my life is like.  Unfortunately, I’ll never own the kind of camera that can do justice to the unique and stunning beauty of this amazing world.  Some of these are snapped with my phone camera and some have been taken with a Canon DSLR and carefully made.  A few were taken by others. I hope you enjoy them.


IMG_0951 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3236 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3268 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3317 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3325 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3348 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1646 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1717 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1781 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1793 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1834 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1850 [800x600].jpg
2011-08-05 15-59-36_0001.JPG
Coal River 100809 021.JPG
Coal River 100809 035.JPG
Coal River 100809 044.JPG
Fingal 2010_09_14 035.JPG
2011-08-05 18-58-29_0004.JPG
IMG_2594 (2) [800x600].jpg
IMG_2605 (2) [800x600].jpg
IMG_2610 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2613 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2614 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2638 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2656 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2658 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2665 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2667 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2698 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2700 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2708 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2710 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2713 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2725 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2727 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2732 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2744 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2748 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2749 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2755 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2757 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2759 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2766 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2770 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2782 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2790 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2793 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2795 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2802 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2823 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2827 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2834 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2849 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2858 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2861 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2884 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2886 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2897 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2900 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2906 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2909 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2911 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2912 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2917 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2918 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2928 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2933 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2941 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2950 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2951 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2958 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2960 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2962 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2966 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2971 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2978 [800x600].jpg
IMG_2979 [800x600].jpg
Mt_Roland [800x600].jpg
IMG_1424 [800x600].jpg
IMG_1436-IMG_1438B [800x600].jpg
IMG_1455 [800x600].jpg
IMG_0951 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3236 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3268 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3317 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3325 [800x600].jpg
IMG_3348 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1646 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1717 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1781 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1793 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1834 [800x600].jpg
CRW_1850 [800x600].jpg

3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I love the cabinet that your 1904 is in – it is beautiful – the machine looks flawless. Your 1960 Red S is gorgeous also – you were lucky to find that one, it’s pretty rare. I have a 222 but it is not a Red S I’m thinking I need to do the photo album like you have!!!! I have a detailed inventory of each machine (name / model / color / serial number / manufacture date / date purchased / amount / and where from I love your collection

  2. Andrew,
    I have an old Singer hand crank for sale #11753834 which I think was made around 1893. Interested? Maybe you know someone who might be. Cheers Andy

    • Hello Andy,

      Can you please let me know where your machine is located? Presumably, any sale of an antique machine will involve a local pickup.

      I’m not really looking to acquire any additional machines unless they happen to meet a very specific sewing need that I have. I’m more interested in working in leather and vinyl and making utility items. If the truth be told, I probably should be trying to move on some of my own machines. However, I’ll be very happy to leave your message on here and if anyone else is interested, they can contact you directly

      Have you tried advertising your machine locally on Gumtree? You might be surprised at the interest in a pre-1900 machine.

      Best of luck with it.

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