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Pineleigh is a forty acre farmlet located in South Eastern Tasmania, approximately 25 kilometres South of the Township of Oatlands. Pineleigh has been our home and our sanctuary for the past eleven years.  In the following pages, I will endeavour to share a little of life here at Pineleigh and in our local district.  This section is under construction, so please be patient and call back occasionally.

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One thought on “Visit Pineleigh

  1. Hello, I came across your site whilst looking for a bond knitting machine. Yes the weighted hems don’t last long mine broke after the first knitting project, but I do love my bond it’s not complicated to use and it will also take my hand spun yarn. My husbandand I moved to Geeveston Tasmania in 2004 and love it we have a bumpy 20 acre with a shabby little dwell that we built our selves (and still building). It’s not too bad for non builders we had a very good reference book which became our building Bible, and it’s pretty much a secondhand rose, it’s not much to look at and not very inspiring but we own it and have no mortgage. Although if we did have a mortgage it may have been finished now, we’re in our late 50s and 60s and starting to get over the diy. Well off to feed the wallabies yes you heard right, I’m a sucker for cute faces and big brown eyes my husband says we run a soup kitchen for the wallabies and possums. Cheers!

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